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siz erken kalkın ben gelmiyom
sizle yaşamayı öğrenemediğimden kafamı hissetmiyorum
you know 😂
geçen gün ismayil yeka ft özcan denizle düet yapıyoz……. ✋
babamla tanışın diye.


so i updated that orange is the new black offense thing bc it was kind of inaccurate and i added some of my faves ok here

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Angel Haze and Ireland Baldwin: A love story told on Twitter

A damaged and brilliant rapper from the wrong side of the tracks meets and falls in love with the pretty blonde daughter of a famous actor. No, it’s not the plot of a CW pilot. It’s the plot of Angel Haze’s love life as told by social media. It all started that strange summer in the O.C., when Ireland Baldwin staggered out of a taupe Mcmansion, sucking on an e-cig and anxiously twisting her David Yurman skull statement ring. A dark, smirking, lanky figure loomed unexpectedly in the gated cul-de-sac.

“Who are you?” whispered in a husky voice she learned last month in improv class.

Angel Haze lifted her leather snapback, gazing at Ireland Baldwin with wide mahogany eyes.

“Whoever you want me to be.”

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#whitagram  (Crystal Park’da)
buruştuk azizim.

Her halimi görün istedim….👀